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Author: Deborah Harroun

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Lately I have been obsessed with all things “cupcake”.  And since I had read about several places to get cupcakes in Utah Valley that I had never been to, I decided it was time to go cupcake-ing through the valley to see what I could find.

I really should have tried the same kind of cupcake at each place to judge them fairly, but I was seduced by all of the different flavors I found!  The review below is only my opinion on the cupcakes I tried, and I can’t wait to find more places in Utah Valley for cupcakes!

Flour Girls & Dough Boys
35 N. Barratt Ave (150 West)
American Fork, UT 84003

Upon hearing that I was tasting cupcakes around the valley, a friend suggested that I visit Flour Girls & Dough Boys.  I had driven by many times, but had never stopped before and this was my chance.  Cupcakes are definitely not the only thing they make, but the selection was still decent.  I bought what I assumed to be a white cupcake with cream cheese frosting, but upon my return home to eat it, I discovered that it had what I think was a raspberry filling.  The cupcake itself was delicious.  The texture was great and it was decently moist.  The frosting was good as well, although a little too sweet for me.  (You will find that this is my main complaint with most cupcakes!)  My main complaint was that in the bakery, the cupcakes and flavors are not clearly displayed.  I asked the girl behind the counter about the different frostings, but she just informed me of which were cream cheese and which were buttercream.  I had no idea there would be a filling!  But overall, this was a great cupcake.

476 North 900 West, Ste D
American Fork, UT 84003

What a cute store!!  This is the kind of place that you walk into and wish you had a little bakery of your own.  I asked the girl behind the counter what her favorite flavor was, and she said the Orange Creamsicle.  I purchase one of those, as well as a White Chocolate and Caramel, because I couldn’t resist the look of the caramel oozing on the top of the cupcake.  The Orange Creamsicle tasted just like I thought it should – like the frozen treat, but in cupcake form!  The cupcake was filled with what I believe was vanilla, topped with orange buttercream.  The caramel cupcake was filled with a white chocolate buttercream, topped with more of the same and drizzled with caramel.  While the flavor on both was very good, once again, I found the frosting too sweet.  I had halved each cupcake to share with my husband, and even if I would have wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to eat both cupcakes myself because of the sweetness.  But the caramel did taste like it was made from scratch which is a total bonus.  And the variety of flavors was large and I’m sure everyone could find a flavor (or 3!) that they wanted to try!

Dear Lizzie
10953 N. Alpine Highway
Highland, UT 84003

The cupcakes from Dear Lizzie are the only ones I had tried before I started this cupcake tasting.  And there is a reason I go back for more!!  Dear Lizzie is an adorable boutique with a small bistro attached.  The variety of cupcake flavors is not huge, but once you try one of the cupcakes, you won’t mind!  My first experience with one of these cupcakes was after the birth of my daughter.  My sister brought me a cupcake at the hospital, but for some reason, I didn’t eat it while at the hospital.  A few days later, upon my return home, I saw my cupcake and thought to myself that I was bummed that I didn’t eat the cupcake sooner because it would be dried out at this point.  I opened up the cupcake anyway, and completely fell in love with the first bite.  Even 3 or 4 days, this was the most moist and delicious cupcake I had ever tried!  And even with 2 types of frosting on top, it wasn’t too sweet.  I still crave these cupcakes on a weekly basis and I’m lucky that Dear Lizzie isn’t around the corner from my house.  Otherwise I’d be there every day!

Blue Lemon
11073 N Alpine Hwy
Highland, UT  84003

I met up with my sisters and my mom for a girls night out at the Blue Lemon.  I had heard that they sold cupcakes there, so I was excited to try.  When I went to order my food (which by the way, the food is GREAT!), I ordered a cupcake as well.  There was only the one cupcake, so I didn’t have to make a decision.  I am sad to say that this was my least favorite of all the cupcakes I tried.  It wasn’t towering with buttercream like most cupcakes, but the flavor of the actual cupcake was lacking so I think this one would have benefitted from more frosting.  I do have to say, though, that they have a bistro next door that sells sweet treats, and I didn’t even check there for more cupcakes.  I only ordered a cupcake from the restaurant side.  This is a place I will go back to check out for other cupcakes because I have read some great reviews of the cupcakes.  I have actually heard that they do a Swiss Meringue buttercream, which is one of my favorites, so I’ll have to check it out!

The Sweet Tooth Fairy
1227 S University Ave
Provo, UT  84601

This small bakery, just like Dippidee, is adorable.  The selection of flavors is great, and the flavors change from day to day.  I was really hoping to try one of their Key Lime cupcakes, but they weren’t available the day I visited.  But I couldn’t refrain from buying my favorite flavor – Red Velvet.  This red velvet was a lot darker than most red velvet cupcakes I’ve tried, and I actually really liked the flavor.  The cupcake itself was very delicious.  The frosting was good, too – but once again, a bit too sweet.  The Sweet Tooth Fairy also does custom cupcake orders and makes some very cute cupcakes.  This is a bakery I would visit again, even if I have to scrape off half of the frosting!

I know there are many more bakeries that sell cupcakes, so let me know what your favorite is!


  • caroline armelle says:

    i too am obsessed with the latest cupcake craze.
    i think of all of these, which i have tried most i like sweet tooth fairy the best, then dipidee.
    the sweet tooth fairy coconut cupcake is to die for! but, i like my cupcakes sweet..

  • Ryley says:

    next time recruit me to go with you and I will eat the frosting! :)
    The frosting is my favorite part..
    The only one I’ve ever heard of is The Sweet Tooth.

  • Maria says:

    Cupcake Chic is my favorite! I did a review on my blog awhile ago.

  • Janet Meiners Thaeler says:

    In Salt Lake Magazine they named their favorites in the city:
    abcupcakes.com – web only
    Les Madeleines – 216 E 500 S. Salt Lake
    Cakes de Fleur – 3340 S 300 W Salt Lake
    Mini’s 14 E 800 S Salt Lake


  • Kate says:

    i really want cupcakes for my wedding, so this post was soooo helpful! thanks!

  • jen says:

    i love sweet tooth fairy too, although I’ve only been there and flour girls & dough boys. has anyone tried so cupcake?

  • kamaile says:

    Great review! :) I’d have to agree about the frosting. I like frosting, but not a ton and I don’t like it super sweet.

    I’ve tried So Cupcake. They’re cupcakes are pretty good and really large in my opinion. If I get the regular sized ones, I usually share.

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  • kitchen doughdough says:

    I love So Cupcake…I’ll be posting about them on http://www.kitchendoughdough.com…Thanks for all the info!! I too was disappointed with Blue Lemon cupcakes compared to others I’ve tried…they were okay, but the others I’ve tried are SO yummy! I’ll have to go back to Dear Lizzie, they had no cupcakes when I went! I LOVE Dippidee and I really need to get to the Sweet Tooth Fairy, I’ve seen their creations on Cupcakes Take the Cake, but when I’m in Provo, I can’t find it and it isn’t listed on 411!

  • kitchen doughdough says:

    Oops that’s http://www.kitchendoughdough.com

  • Allen says:

    I had a cupcake at the womens expo. This is a new start-up in Utah County called “a cupcake and a cookie”. The lemon cupcake was awsome! They also sold huge tasty cookies……

  • chocolattetogo says:

    I was disappointed in Dear Lizzie cupcakes. They are cute and the bistro is adorable, but the cupcakes are made from a cake mix. They taste like the ones my daughter makes for her friends. You can tell just by smelling them. I am going to stick with Flour Girls & Dough Boys and Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo for cupcakes. Both are made from real cake and taste fantastic!

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