How to Make Killer Mashed Potatoes

Author: Stephanie Brubaker

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We concluded the renovation of our little cottage in early Fall of this year and during that last week we decided to invite two couples over to dinner. These guests were people who helped us out in some way that summer and with whom we formed a relationship…mostly over food :)   Ouafaa often made us exotic jams, and Jean-Luc routinely fed us delicious, country French meals.  Bottom line: we owed them big time and my husband and I agreed that a dinner invitation was in order.

In the French culture they often tell it like it is, which I find quite refreshing in many ways (an added bonus is that it also provides comic relief!).  After Jean-Luc arrived to our home and observed the manner in which I was creating the night”s mashed potatoes (puree de pomme de terres), he took the liberty of stepping up and showing me how it”s really done.  I must admit they were the best mashed potatoes I”ve ever consumed.

He shared three secrets:

1. Heat the milk and butter together, over medium heat, until thoroughly warmed and the butter is melted (there should also be a few bubbles forming on the surface of the mixture). THEN add the milk/butter mixture to the hot, cooked potatoes.  In the past I”ve simply added cold butter and cold milk to the hot potatoes, but Jean-Luc”s method is far superior.

2. If patience permits, mash the potatoes with a fork.  It does something amazing to the texture of the potatoes.

3. Use a lot of butter. Forget the pie…save your calories for the mashed potatoes :)   Oh, and don”t forget to add sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

May you have a lovely Thanksgiving Day as you fill your tummy with all sorts of delicious goodies!

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