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recipe: tomato sandwiches

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There are a handful of meals we love to eat all summer, this sandwich is one of them. Sometimes we frill it up, adding avocado, cured meats, fresh greens, or other fancy additions, but most of the time we eat it as simple and pure as possible to highlight the beacon of summer; bright, plump, perfect tomatoes. When you make these with locally grown, organic heirloom tomatoes, you will want summer to last all year long. Continue reading “recipe: tomato sandwiches” »

fyi: tomatoes

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Plump, juicy tomatoes are a sure sign of a good summer. The best kind are straight from your garden, or from a local farm. I love eating them with only a sprinkle of salt, like an apple. A little girl told me once that she liked tomatoes better than candy, and she would know a good tomato since her family harvests over 62 varieties daily.

Not a tomato fan? Maybe you just haven’t met the perfect one. It’s quite possible since the type that are likely sold at your local grocer are nothing like the heirloom type I ate for dinner the other night. Keep reading to learn a little more about these lovely edibles and visit to scout out a local farm selling organic heirloom tomatoes to die for. Continue reading “fyi: tomatoes” »

recipe: healthier mac and cheese

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If you are like me, these fun summer days bring a lot of activities and pool time, so the last thing on my mind is making lunch.

It would be easy to reach for the box of ready mac and cheese for the kids, but have you read the ingredients lately?

In an effort to avoid processed foods for my children, I have been trying to make their favorite foods from scratch.

This healthier version of mac and cheese is made with whole wheat elbow pasta, and genuine parmigiano reggiano.   The great thing about using such great authentic cheese is that a little goes a long way, and I know exactly what is going into the dish.

This is a great substitute for the ready made mac and cheese, and really doesn’t take much longer to prepare than the boxed kind.

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recipes: dutch oven desserts

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Summer time to me means camping – spending time in the great outdoors.  And here in Utah, there are so many amazing places to go and beautiful sites to see.  But ever since I was a kid, one thing I always got excited about when we camped was the food.  Camping food was always so exciting to me.  (Plus, as a kid, that was the only time we really got to eat junk food!!) Continue reading “recipes: dutch oven desserts” »

Healthy Breakfasts No.3

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Do you love the idea of granola, but find that most versions are way to sugary for your taste? Me too! I’d rather save my sugar for a yummy dessert, not a breakfast cereal. I’ve been on the hunt for some time now for a substantia granola recipe that is not only full of a lot of “stuff”, but boasts no added sugar.  In fact, the only sweetener in this recipe is pure, maple syrup…isn’t that wonderful?  If you don’t want to invest in large bags/containers of all of these ingredients, hit the bulk section of your local grocery store (my local Whole Foods & Smiths both have one) and just purchase exact amounts of each required ingredient. You’ll
definitely feel the savings.

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recipe: chocolate ice cream sandwiches

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I had a picnic the other day with a few new friends and since one of them is making the transition to a gluten free/vegan lifestyle I decided to make a little something special for her. I may make them again for a celiac neighbor who just had a baby (and of course there will be a couple left over), heaven knows you need a little pick me up the days following delivery. But then again another one of these would pick me up no matter what kind of day I was having. If you’re neither living the gluten free or vegan lifestyle, please don’t feel like you should pass these up.  They will make any, and i literally mean any person you give one to a happy ice cream cookie eating camper. guaranteed. Continue reading “recipe: chocolate ice cream sandwiches” »

recipe: summer salad and poppy seed dressing

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It seems like on these hot summer days, all I want to eat for lunch or dinner is something nice and cool.  I’ve been consuming a lot of salads to keep my temperature down, and my oven off this summer.

I love salads with fresh berries.  I love to have something sweet to go a long with my greens, so any berries I have always get thrown in to the mix.

This salad is a mix of mixed greens, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese, and glazed walnuts.  The show stopper is my favorite sweet salad dressing, poppy seed dressing.  It’s my go to summer salad dressing.

{Recipe Below}

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How to Make a Simple Tin Foil Dinner

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Making a simple tin foil dinner is just that…simple!  First, lay out sizable sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil (or double up on thinner foil). If you are making multiple dinners, wash, chop, trim, and slice all of the meat and vegetables first and lay out in buffet fashion.  We like onions, green beans, ground beef and potatoes in our dinners.  We’ve been putting this classic combination to use for years now.

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recipe: vanilla sugar

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It happens. You buy those fresh, plump, aromatic vanilla bean pods to make your perfect creme brûlée recipe extra special, then you hoard those beans until they’re dry as a crisp and rendered useless. It might not happen a lot, but it happens. Either that or you can’t bear to throw away that bean pod you just fished out of your favorite vanilla bean ice cream. No worries because you can still use that vanilla bean. Just give it a rinse, let it dry, and combine it with sugar to flavor and give the sugar another lovely dimension. This is also a wonderful gift to give friends who love to make sweet treats. Continue reading “recipe: vanilla sugar” »