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Author: Deborah Harroun

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My life has been super crazy lately.  One thing I have learned – among a crazy, hectic schedule – is that meal time does not always go as planned.  So I’ve been trying to plan better, and learn to just roll with the punches.  One thing I’ve been trying to take advantage of is doing something I used to do a lot of back in my single days – making my own freezer meals.

When you are cooking for 1, you are most likely going to end up with a lot of leftovers.  So back then, I learned that many times, you can freeze what you made, and it makes for a very easy second (or third!) dinner or lunch.  One of my favorite things to freeze are burritos, mainly because they are so easy to heat back up and to take on the go.

I don’t know where I learned to freeze burritos this way, but it has worked so well that I thought I’d share my method with you!

First, make your burritos.  I’m pretty sure just about everything will work.  I’ve never met a burrito that doesn’t freeze well.

Second, take each individual burrito and wrap it in plastic wrap.

Third, take each wrapped burrito and wrap it in aluminum foil.

Last, take all of the burritos and place them in a freezer safe ziptop bag and label with the date and kind of burrito.

Now, at first, this seems like a lot of steps.  But let me explain.  Most people will just wrap them in just the tin foil.  I like to do the plastic wrap first, because then when I go to heat one up, I just remove the foil, leave the plastic wrap on, and microwave for 1:30 – 2:30, depending on the burrito.  I like to leave it in the plastic wrap because not only does it keep your microwave clean, but the burrito heats up faster and the tortilla doesn’t dry out.  If you just wrap it in the plastic wrap before freezing, you can sometimes get freezer burn.  So the 3 step method has worked perfectly for me!

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