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With Chinese New Year on its way (February 4) I am starting to think about all the yummy food that we will be making and eating as we celebrate the new lunar year. Among the traditional dishes that we cook are little treats that we purchase to give to friends and family for fun. Sometimes they are similar to candies and treats that we have here in the states, but a lot of times they are quite different. I am sharing a little about my favorite ones, and sending a care package of each of these treats to one lucky reader on my food blog.

Maybe you’ve had each of these treats before? They are growing ever popular and I have even seen them for sale at places like target and wal-mart. Keep reading to find out which ones you’ve tried.

White Rabbit: this candy is a soft milk candy, wrapped in edible rice paper. It is sweet and similar in texture to that of tootsie rolls. It might even remind you of the vanilla flavor tootsie roll, but it’s not near as sweet and less intense. I like to keep them in my pocket for a few minutes before eating them so they are extra soft.

Pocky: These pretzel sticks are dipped in various flavors of chocolate and are fun to eat. They’re also the perfect size for miniature hands, my little toddler loves to eat the savory versions that are dairy free (she has an intolerance). Similar treats that are even more fun for the little ones include hello panda (a chocolate or creme filled biscuit with a panda printed on it) and yan yan (pretzel sticks with a small compartment of chocolate to dip the pretzles into). They are all somewhat similar, combining chocolate and biscuits, but Pocky seem to be the more sophisticated version. They even have a “men’s” flavor which uses bittersweet chocolate.

Gummies: There are a lot of different types of gummy candies,  but my father always brings back these particular gummies. They are chewy and very sweet with an intense mango flavor, they say they are 100% mango gummy, but who knows…

Nori Maki: Little rice crackers wrapped in a small bit of nori. They are flavorful, savory, and I dare you to eat just one. The perfect little snack.

Choco-Pie:  A chocolate covered cookie with marshmallow between two shortbread cookies. When I was an assistant for my asian dance professor, she would leave me a choco pie for while I worked. This little cake seems to be an equivalent of America’s little debbie cakes.

Hi-Chew: These chewy candies come in many different flavors, my favorite is strawberry and lychee. They are gummy and soft, and perfectly sweet. There is not an american equivalent in texture, although the tahitian noni chews come close.

Bin Bin Crackers: These rice crackers are a little sweet, a little savory. They come in individually wrapped packages of two, and are perfect for keeping in your purse or bag for when the munchies attack. The best part is licking off the flavor that sticks to your fingers afterward.

fruit jellies: I love these little jelly snacks. They are small jello’s in various fruit flavors with bits of coconut inside the jelly. Like other asian candies, they are not too sweet, just so. A tip for eating: open the jelly away from yourself, they tend to squirt a little juice when first opened. Or do as I did when I was a kid (and sometimes still do) by opening it with your mouth so that first squirt isn’t wasted, or lands on a stranger.

a few snacks that I couldn’t find at my local asian store:

Fruitips - These fruit pastilles are soft gummy candies coated with coarse sugar and come in varied flavors, black currant is my absolute favorite. They come in long tubes, similar to the tubes I have seen tootsie rolls in.

Pretz - I mentioned these when talking about pocky, but instead of being dipped in chocolate they are savory. They are delicious little snacks and come in small packages, with enough to share although sometimes it is difficult to.

did I forget to mention your favorite? share in the comments.


If you are interested in where you can find these treats, try your nearest asian store or online at amazon or try this asian snack store.

Stephanie wrote a post about asian treats she likes back in October, she gives them out for halloween.

enter to win the asian treat giveaway on my food blog, delightful delicacies.

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