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Author: Stephanie Brubaker

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How many of you will be googling, “easy appetizer” over the course of the next month?  I’m sure there will be many!  Well, here is my favorite easy appetizer–an artisan cheese plate dotted with texture, color and great cheese.  The first step to creating a well-executed cheese plate is choosing a cheese that most people will enjoy.  My favorite crowd-pleasers are:

1. Tomme de Savoie

2. Tomme de Montagne (any “tomme” will do!)

3. Mt. Tam

4. Saint-André

5. Petit Basque

6. Saint Pat

Now this list does not include any blue cheeses and that’s because most people have issues with this type of cheese and I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a “crowd pleaser” like the six I’ve listed.  However, blue cheese does add pretty color and texture to a cheese plate, so I typically add a small wedge for those reasons.  I’ve found that placed alongside a little honey and dried fruit (namely apricots or cherries), guests surprisingly enjoy the combination!

Pear and apple slices are also delicious with artisan cheese.  Toss the apples with a little fresh lemon juice to keep them from going brown.  Fancy olives are also a nice addition–my favorites are the bright, kelly green olives from Italy.

note: the cheese pictured above is “Petit Basque”

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