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If you are in the middle of transitioning to a healthier diet, it helps to have healthy dining options around! Café Zupas is proud to fit into that category, offering you some of the healthiest and most diverse options in soups, salads, and sandwiches among restaurants in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Farmington, and many other cities throughout Utah and Arizona.

All our ingredients are fresh – you will never eat anything from a can. We also don’t serve any pre-cooked food – all our meals are prepared fresh every day.

Our menu has many options for the dieter who is trying to eat more vegetables and replace the fatty, greasy foods in his or her diet or who is going vegetarian. Our soup choices are diverse. Our Tuscan White Bean offers a vegetarian option, while our Yucatan Chicken Tortilla has an enriching base of vegetables with the chicken giving you a healthy alternative to higher-fat meats.

If a sandwich is the way to go, you may be interested in trying our Vegetarian sandwich, which comes loaded with roasted sweet peppers, cucumbers, sprouts, and tomatoes. Also, because turkey is known as a nutritious meat option and a great source of protein, selenium, and B vitamins, you may want to try our Turkey Cranberry, California Turkey, or Turkey Spinach Artichoke sandwiches. There’s also our Thai Peanut Chicken and Pesto Chicken sandwiches, and of course our Ultimate Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Our salads are a perfect example of harmonious balance. They come filled with greens & veggies, fruits, cheese, nuts, and meat with many various combinations to suit your specific needs and tastes.

Our chefs work hard to please you all day, every day! Come to Café Zupas for a meal that hits the right spot while supporting your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Want to share Café Zupas with friends and loved ones? Consider our catering service! We provide Layton catering, Orem catering, and Holladay catering – every single one of our 17 locations has a Catering Coordinator. Give us a call!