5 Fun Facts About Coriander

31 Mar 5 Fun Facts About Coriander

It’s true: we love Coriander. Its mellow, soft flavor has notes of citrus that have us singing whenever we eat the Yucatan Chicken Tortilla Soup. Here are some other fun facts about Coriander you probably didn’t know.

 1. It may be the world’s oldest spice.
It dates back to Greece since at least the second millennium BC (however we don’t recommend you let it sit on your spice rack that long).

2. The leaves are commonly referred to as Cilantro.
That’s right – that little herb you eat with your pork carnitas tacos is actually coriander in leaf form.

3. It can taste like soap.
Some people dislike coriander and cilantro, citing that they taste soap with each bite. Turns out they’re not wrong – not a fan of the stuff? It might be genetics.

4. It’s good for you.
Coriander is one of Mother Nature’s natural remedies. It helps control your blood sugar, helps to regulate cholesterol levels, and more.

5. As a spice, it’s all-purpose.
You’ve probably used it while cooking a curry or stew, but did you know it’s also great in breads and even cakes? You’ll love the unique flavor it adds!

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