World Tour: New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili | Cafe Zupas

31 Mar World Tour: New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili | Cafe Zupas

In some states, you’ll find a state-wide recognized flower. Other states have an official bird. In New Mexico, they have an official question: “Red or green?” The latest Cafe Zupas World Tour stop is the New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili, and we take it as seriously as they do.

New Mexico’s culinary heritage is rich in cuisine inspired by the original Native American inhabitants, and is also influenced by the Spanish and Mexican settlers. While New Mexican cuisine is seemingly similar to the cuisine found in California, Arizona, or Texas, the climate and local terrain provide products that have flavors unique to New Mexico. One such product is the chile. It can be red or green, depending on when it’s harvested, and thanks to a passionate US Senator from New Mexico, it is officially spelled with an ‘e’ in the Congressional Record. This chile is not the stew-like creation that contains meat and spices (although we love that, too). This chile refers to the pods and the sauce that is created from those pods, sauce that results in something spicy and delicious.

The Cafe Zupas New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili definitely takes a side in the “red or green” question. We chop roasted green chile peppers, combine them with cabbage and potatoes, and add some cumin and oregano for even deeper flavor. The chile is the definitive flavor of this dish, with a little bit of a spicy kick, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Try it today in a location near you.

The Cafe Zupas New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili is available through Saturday, April 9.