Ingredient Story: Herbs de Provence | Cafe Zupas

08 Apr Ingredient Story: Herbs de Provence | Cafe Zupas

The Herbs de Provence blend doesn’t technically come from France. It received the name because the dried herbs common to the blend are found in the Provence region of France. What was once a descriptive term has become its identity (with some thanks to Julia Child).

What we love is the sense of exploration and the history found in putting this blend together. In some picturesque part of Provence, a French mother or grandmother picked herbs like Rosemary, Thyme, and Bay Leaf. She dried them, crushed and powdered them, and combined them into the blend that would add flavor to her food prior to cooking. No set formula needed – just pure instinct for what tastes good.

We are passionate about sourcing the best quality dried herbs, and we take special care to create our own unique Herbs de Provence spice blend. Each little granule of Lavender or Marjoram helps to make this spice blend the perfect flavor companion for our Lobster Bisque.


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