Cafe Zupas Employees: David Sparks

Cafe Zupas Employee David Sparks

09 Sep Cafe Zupas Employees: David Sparks

David Sparks sits in a chair and starts to shift a little, perhaps out of nervousness. “So wait, where is this going? Who is going to see this?” Three minutes talking to this American Fork Operating Partner proves that this guy isn’t actually nervous. David is just always lively and excited. He’s not concerned about people seeing him; he’s excited to share his story.

Sparks has been with Café Zupas for a close to two years, but his experience in the restaurant industry spans far beyond that.

Prior to Café Zupas, David Sparks spent seven years with a full-service restaurant, but don’t let the amount of time fool you; it wasn’t a good experience. Burnt out, frustrated, and tired from moving all over the country for a company he felt didn’t provide adequate support, Sparks found himself working a Lens Crafters.

“A friend gave me a call and said, ‘hey – you looking for a job,’” says Sparks.  “Nope! I wasn’t!”

And yet two interviews later, Sparks found himself looking at an offer to be an Operating Partner for Café Zupas. The rest is history.

He’s back in a restaurant, but the circumstances couldn’t be more different. “I’ve got a set schedule, I know exactly when I’m going to work, I know exactly what needs to be done every day,” says Sparks. And those 75 hour weeks? Total history. “I love the feeling that comes from corporate,” he continues. “They give us Saturday mornings off to spend with our kids, and I have Friday nights off. For seven years I didn’t know what that was like…and now I have Friday night date nights!”

It’s not just that Café Zupas Operating Partners truly live a balanced life, but it’s also the energy that Sparks loves. “We’re never settling,” Sparks says. “We always want to improve. We push the boundaries. The potential you have with Café Zupas is huge. No other place I’d rather be.”

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