Cafe Zupas Ingredient Story: Green is Good

15 Sep Cafe Zupas Ingredient Story: Green is Good

We’re total weirdos over here because we can’t help but wax poetic on lettuce greens. The kale and the baby spinach and the mixed lettuces. We are especially happy that they just so happen to taste really good and are really good for you, too.

Still not sold?

  • Spinach and kale have these things called carotenoids that improve your vision and overall eye health
  • Lettuce greens are a great source of calcium, a necessary building block of strong bones
  • Overall heart and brain health is improved with regular consumption of lettuce greens
  • Lots and lots of fiber. In other words, you’ll feel fuller the more greens you eat, and well, let’s not forget better digestion
  • Studies prove that diets high in leafy green vegetable consumption aid weight loss


Not all greens are created equal, and we’re extremely picky about where they come from. Better sourcing equals better quality, and that equals better taste.

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