Halloween Candy Aftermath

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27 Oct Halloween Candy Aftermath

It’s the scariest night of the year, and that’s not counting the massive sugar high your kids are about to experience. In a recent poll, most kids say they’re walking away from Trick-or-Treating with at least 50 pieces of candy, and nearly 45% say they haul more than 100 pieces. That’s a lot of candy for your six-year-old.

You’ve got a dilemma, and it’s a tough one. You can say nothing and let them eat it all, hoping the tummy ache sets in quickly enough to dissuade them from constant sugar consumption. Or you can find a way to dispose of it as painlessly as possible. Here are a few clever solutions.

They go to bed with a bucket full of candy and wake up with a $20 bill instead. No aching bellies, no sugar crashes, and no sad faces. There’s even a toy so younger children get excited about something magical (your teenagers probably won’t complain either way).

Figure out which candy can compress into the tightest spaces, determine which hard candies emit the most light (yep – that’s a thing), or discover what happens to microwaved marshmallows.

Operation Gratitude sends care packages to troops stationed throughout the world. The deadline is November 15, and you’ll help to provide a little bit of home to those serving in the armed forces.

Fib a little
Make something fairly unhealthy, and then throw the rest away. Just tell the kids the Smarties were used for “subtle flavor.”

The holidays are just around the corner, and those M&Ms will look fantastic on a gingerbread house. If you have great hiding spaces and want to go the distance, save excess candy for Easter and hope the kids don’t notice that the Peeps are orange.

Make them cry
You could always just, you know, eat the candy. No judgment here.

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