Water That Tastes Good

03 Feb Water That Tastes Good

At Café Zupas, nutritious and healthful options command our full attention. We aim to craft and provide menu items that contribute to a balanced diet and lifestyle.

We also love soda and juice – we even bought a soda machine for our corporate office, so no judgment here – but recognize how important balance and moderation are. Just as we strive to provide our guests with best ingredients we can find, we strive to provide beverage options of equal value.

It is difficult to ignore the benefits of drinking more water.


  • Energizes your muscles
  • Improves your skin
  • Helps with pain
  • Controls calories

If you’re the person who drinks a gallon of water every day just because, then we salute you. The reality is most of us are struggling to stay hydrated. We know we need to drink more water, but it’s hard to turn down the sodas or juices that – for many of us – just taste better.

30456120510_bf4f98910a_zThe new Café Zupas House-Made Drink Infusions are our answer to the question, “but what should I drink?” The best part? They’re water based, full of fresh squeezed fruit, and are sweetened with just a touch of honey. That’s right…no added sugar.

Something full of flavor that’s also going to improve your health? Sold.