What Sets Café Zupas Apart

is our devotion to offering amazing food, service, and the best overall dining experience to our guests. We begin with fresh produce, the best quality ingredients from local suppliers, and create our food from scratch in each of our kitchens. As we expand with new locations every year, we stay committed to making our food the same way, offering our guests fresh, delicious, artisan meals. In addition to our gourmet soups, salads and sandwiches, we also strive to cheerfully serve our guests in such a way they feel at home and cared for. We love to provide a place that is fun, inviting, and unique. Our relationship with our guests, our employees, and our local suppliers is what makes Café Zupas great. The complimentary chocolate-dipped strawberry we give each of our guests is our unique way of saying thank you. It's a symbol of the extra care we give to everything we do.

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Cafe Zupas Fresh Ingredients
Provo UT, 2004
Zupas Provo Location
Draper UT, 2012
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Zupas Best Of State Award


Café Zupas first opened it’s doors in 2004 in Provo, Utah. Founded by two ambitious professionals working in the tech industry, it was their love of food and travel that led them to begin a new life as restaurateurs. Inspired by the delicious variety of food they encountered when traveling abroad, they named their restaurant loosely after the Italian word for chowder (zuppa), and began developing the perfect soup recipes. Unfamiliar with the typical preparation customs and methods of many restaurants, they chose to cook every soup from scratch, beginning with whole produce and fresh ingredients. Even salad dressings and sandwich spreads were blended in their kitchen to ensure the most creative and delicious food possible.

Since then, we have grown to many locations and learned a lot about how other restaurants save time, money, and effort to “make” their food. But we have persisted in--even improved--the way we create each dish, just like we did in the beginning: fresh, in our kitchens, from the best ingredients.


Café Zupas has had the honor of winning 20 Utah Best-of-State awards over eight consecutive years. Including 6 for Best Soups, 4 for Best Salads, 4 for Best Sandwiches, and 4 for Best American.

In 2013, United Fresh Foundation presented Café Zupas with the “Produce Excellence in Foodservice” award for outstanding use of produce in culinary arts.


Serving award-winning food and superstar service means we rely on an exceptional crew. We are always seeking great people, and give them the best training and tools they need to succeed and grow with us. Do you love to work with great people? Are you looking for an amazing opportunity? Work for us! Start here >>

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