03 Feb Water That Tastes Good

At Café Zupas, nutritious and healthful options command our full attention. We aim to craft and provide menu items that contribute to a balanced diet and lifestyle. We also love soda and juice – we even bought a soda machine for our corporate office, so no judgment here – but recognize how important balance and moderation are. Just as we strive...

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15 Dec Cafe Zupas Recipes: Roasted Sweet Potato Coffee Cake

You know Cafe Zupas Executive Chef Ethan Kawasaki as the creator behind some of your favorite menu items, like the Quinoa Protein Bowls. What you probably don't know is he often tests some of his other creations on those of us in the Cafe Zupas corporate office. It's a hard job, eating all of those delicious baked goods, but someone's got to...

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Cafe Zupas Fall Catering

27 Oct Halloween Candy Aftermath

It’s the scariest night of the year, and that’s not counting the massive sugar high your kids are about to experience. In a recent poll, most kids say they’re walking away from Trick-or-Treating with at least 50 pieces of candy, and nearly 45% say they haul more than 100 pieces. That’s a lot of candy for your six-year-old. You’ve got a...

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Dine out at Cafe Zupas with a toddler

14 Oct Dining out with kids: tips and tricks

There are days that I cringe when “dine-out” and “toddler” are spoken in the same sentence. Dining out with a toddler is no easy task. It is, however, a great opportunity to build skills with your toddler, and believe it or not, it can be fun and stress free. Here are a few simple tips to enjoy the dining out...

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15 Sep Cafe Zupas Ingredient Story: Green is Good

We’re total weirdos over here because we can’t help but wax poetic on lettuce greens. The kale and the baby spinach and the mixed lettuces. We are especially happy that they just so happen to taste really good and are really good for you, too. Still not sold? Spinach and kale have these things called carotenoids that improve your vision and overall eye health Lettuce greens are...

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Cafe Zupas Employee David Sparks

09 Sep Cafe Zupas Employees: David Sparks

David Sparks sits in a chair and starts to shift a little, perhaps out of nervousness. “So wait, where is this going? Who is going to see this?” Three minutes talking to this American Fork Operating Partner proves that this guy isn’t actually nervous. David is just always lively and excited. He’s not concerned about people seeing him; he’s excited...

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31 Mar World Tour: New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili | Cafe Zupas

In some states, you’ll find a state-wide recognized flower. Other states have an official bird. In New Mexico, they have an official question: “Red or green?” The latest Cafe Zupas World Tour stop is the New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili, and we take it as seriously as they do. New Mexico’s culinary heritage is rich in cuisine inspired by the...

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31 Mar 5 Fun Facts About Coriander

It’s true: we love Coriander. Its mellow, soft flavor has notes of citrus that have us singing whenever we eat the Yucatan Chicken Tortilla Soup. Here are some other fun facts about Coriander you probably didn’t know.  1. It may be the world’s oldest spice. It dates back to Greece since at least the second millennium BC (however we don’t recommend you let...

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