Bee keeper

08 Oct Cox’s Honey: Video Story

We’ve gone through some serious research and development to find the right honey for us, and Cox’s High Mountain Clover Honey was the clear winner. It’s not overheated or filtered, but is simply screened. This screening process maintains the superior flavor, and it protects the pollens, minerals, vitamins, and live enzymes that are otherwise lost to high heat and filtering processes. It might seem...

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02 Oct All About Honey

There’s really no other way to put this: at Café Zupas we are completely obsessed with the ingredients we use. We want every single menu item you eat to be fresh and made with the very best quality we can find. If we’re serious about making food that you’ll fall in love with, then we know it needs to start...

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House-made fresh, World Tour

28 Sep Inca Inspired

October is almost here and even though some parts of the United States still feel like summer (looking at you, Mountain West), this means Fall and colorful leaves and an overabundance of porch pumpkins. And in our kitchen, this means chili. The next stop on the Café Zupas World Tour is the Peruvian White Bean and Chicken Chili, and it’s...

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Bangkok Coconut Chicken Soup

23 Sep Sum rap Thai (the way Thais eat)

For some of us, remembering when we tried Thai food for the first time feels a little bit like dreaming. We remember that we were eating it, and that we enjoyed it, and maybe were even bummed that it ended, but we probably don’t really remember exactly how it began. All we know is the way the coconut and ginger...

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  LOVE YOUR JOB! We're looking for amazing people to staff our first location in Minnesota! We need to staff our day and evening shifts in time for our opening date of September 17th in Woodbury. We'll be holding open-house interviews at the Hilten Garden Inn in St. Paul/Oakdale Thursday, Friday, & Saturday for 3 weeks leading up to our opening date.   OPEN HOUSE JOB...

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03 Jun Warm Weather Mocktails: Tropical Refresher

  “Mocktails” can be easily made at home…no mixology experience required!  All you need are quality juices, fresh herbs and a few beautiful, glass bottles with pretty tops.  I purchased mine at IKEA (they are pictured above) and have been quite pleased so far (note: these recipes are made for this size bottle so use this as an excuse to stock up!).  
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28 May What Makes House-Made

OUR QUEST Café Zupas began with the idea that a quick-serve restaurant can serve delicious food that you can feel good about eating on a frequent basis. We set out making real food from scratch, drawing inspiration from our international travel and family recipes. We search hard to find the very best ingredients and daily-delivered vegetables to make each dish. It’s...

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