recipe: pumpkin risotto

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pumpkinrisotto‘Tis the season for Pumpkin!

It seems like everything I’m eating these days has pumpkin in it!  I suppose that comes with the fall!

I love rich, creamy risotto, and adding pumpkin to it is a great addition!  Fresh herbs are also a must!

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recipe: green smoothie

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greensmoothieI like to start my day with a green smoothie or a fresh juice. There are so many different combinations of green smoothies, and I usually try to change it up a lot, but this smoothie has been in my morning regimen for several days in a row!

This is my favorite smoothie lately, and I think the thing that puts it over the top is the raw hemp seeds.  They really make it nice and creamy and add a lot of protein, and omega 3′s!

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recipe: naan bread

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naanNaan bread is a traditional Indian flatbread that is traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven.

It is characterized by its flat shape and amazing flavor.  Naan can be topped with ghee, or butter, garlic, cilantro, or even stuff with onions or potatoes.

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recipe: shrimp curry

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shrimpcurryIndian food is in my top favorite foods out there.  I just love the blend of colorful spices and the amazing flavors of the foods.

Shrimp is one of my favorites, so pairing shrimp with curry is amazing!  This dish is so tasty, and is finished off with a nice coconut milk for an amazing flavor.

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recipe: vegetable samosas

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samosaSamosas are a very popular Indian food appetizer that is fried or baked and filled with a potato based filling mixed with spices and are typically a triangular shape.

I like the vegetable samosas, but they could also have meat.  They are typically served with chutneys like tamarind chutney, and mint corinader chutney.

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how to: school lunches

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lunch box ideasWith many kids going back to school, there are a lot of mom’s out there wondering what to pack for their kids to take for lunch.

With a little imagination, you can pack a good variety of healthy lunches for your children, and they only take minutes to make.

Bento box meals are becoming more and more popular, and they are so easy to pack up!  I love the bento boxes from pottery barn kids, I have also heard good things about laptop lunches.  Just add a few ice packs, and you are good to go!

Here are a few quick and easy ideas on what to pack your kids for lunch:

1) Make your own “lunchable”- Cheese, crackers, pepperoni (I love applegate naturals, un-cured, no nitrates), cut veggies, fruit, fruit leather. 2) Baked breaded chicken, snap peas, strawberries, healthy no sugar baked oatmeal cookie, almond clusters. 3) Chicken sausages, grapes, hard boiled egg, steamed broccoli, animal crackers. 4) Leftover soup in a thermos, blue corn chips, fruit leather, applesauce.

My favorite part about the bento box is that all you have to do is fill up the boxes with cut up fruit, vegetables, a little sandwich, and even a little treat!

fyi: the wedge salad

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wedgesaladThe wedge salad is such a classic, and a crowd pleaser.  I made up a tray of mini wedge salads for a potluck the other day, and they were a lot of fun!

The wedge salad doesn’t take a lot to make, you just need a these key ingredients: Iceberg lettuce cut in wedges Bacon Fresh tomatoes Blue Cheese or Gorgonzola Chopped hard boiled eggs Chopped red onions Ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing And, there you have it!  A classic wedge salad for all!  

recipe: pasta salad with garden veggies

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FIY: pears

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pearsPears are such an amazing fruit, and if you are lucky they are in season in some parts of the country.

The great thing about pears is that they so tasty fresh or baked!

Here’s a few fun facts about pears:

  • Pears are best picked when they are still firm, when the ripen on the tree they can become a little grainy so they are best ripen on the countertop or in a brown paper bag.
  • The most popular varieties of pears are- The Bartlett Pear- This is one of the most popular buttery yellow variety and is delicious when eaten raw, but falls apart when being cooked. The Bosc Pear- Has a thick brown shiny skin with a nice crisp flesh that makes for an elegant dessert or baking pear. The Green Anjou Pear- This pear has a hint of citrus which makes this pear a great salad topper, or nice on your morning oatmeal.
  • To see if they are ripe, gently press your thumb near the stems, when they are slightly soft, they are ripe!
  Here are a few of my favorite pear recipes:

recipe: nectarine mozzarella salad with balsamic vinaigrette

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