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Superfood Delight: Delicious Deconstructed!

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Summer time means longer days and tons of outdoor activities. It also brings along cravings for something light yet satisfying– the ideal summertime salad. We love a salad that tastes refreshing while still offering the perfect amount of pick-me-up. It’s just one of the reasons we created the Superfood Delight Salad.

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fyi: persimmons

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A few days ago, I was at the grocery store and spied persimmons sitting there. I actually don’t see them very often, so I had to snag up a few. If you have never had a persimmon, they are a sweet fruit that should only be eaten when completely ripened. If they are not completely ripe, they will be quite bitter. There are many ways that they are eaten, but are most commonly used to make jams or compotes, or used in salads. They are also popular for baking into cakes or breads.
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stephanie brubaker - parmesan rinds

Kitchen Tip: Save Your Parmesan Rinds

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Since I serve some type of pasta to my family about once a week, I almost always have a wedge of Parmesan on hand (Parmigiano-Reggiano being my favorite–you can find it at Costco for a good price). That being said, I go through quite a few wedges over time (my kids enjoy it straight up and in heaps).  For a long time, I would toss the remaining parmesan rinds, not envisioning any type of use for them.

Then, one day I read about a chef creating a cookbook, one that included a recipe calling for a parmesan rind.  This chef received criticism for the recipe because it was considered “stuffy” or “unapproachable”.  For me, it was one of those ah-ha moments…now I knew exactly how to use these leftover rinds!  Henceforth, I began keeping the rinds in my cheese drawer, wrapped in parchment paper. Whenever I created a soup that I would consider garnishing with some fresh parmesan, I would throw in a rind with the broth. Minestrone, French Lentil, Roasted Cauliflower, etc.  The rind adds a richness to the broth, but not in an overwhelming way.  With a few more cold months ahead of us, give this little kitchen tip a try.  I think you will really enjoy it!

25 Savory Pumpkin Recipes

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25 Savory Pumpkin Recipes

It’s that time of year when pumpkin recipes fill your readers, web searches and Pinterest pages. I’m a pumpkin addict as much as the next person – going crazy once October hits. But through all of the recipes, I’m going to guess that 90% of them are sweet recipes. And while there is definitely nothing wrong with the sweet recipes, you can’t forget that pumpkin is good for dinner as well!!
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Thanksgiving Dinner Favors

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a la modo pie boxes kraft lidded

With Thanksgiving Day a little over one month away, it’s time to start thinking about some of the details that make this special meal so memorable.  First, figure out who you would like to spend the holiday with this year and extend an invitation before calendars begin to fill. In order to ensure you aren’t a stressed out host, be sure to take your guests up on their generous offers to contribute to the meal; after all, one can’t have to many pies on hand!  You won’t regret it come Thanksgiving Day when you’re up early brining your bird (these bags and this brine will make your life easier). Next, order your turkey from your local butcher or fine foods market (or, better yet, look for a local farm that raises turkeys and order direct).  If there is one thing that makes a big difference on Thanksgiving, it’s a good bird.  And last, consider this cute way to package up leftover slices of pie for guests.  You can find these in my etsy shop (yes, this is my side business!) throughout the year, but they are especially fun for Thanksgiving.  Customize the boxes your own way with a Thanksgiving-themed stamp and some pretty twine or grosgrain ribbon.  Just be sure to save a few slices of pumpkin pie for breakfast the next morning!

image via A La Modo

Africa Chicken & Peanut

Café Zupas World Tour Fall 2013: African-Chicken and Peanut

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For the second stop on our Cafe Zupas World Tour, we are excited to take a walk on the wild side, with our spectacular African Chicken and Peanut Soup!

Our African Chicken and Peanut  recipe has been a favorite on the World Tour, and this year it’s even better! This soup is made with a rich peanut base, and filled with hearty potatoes chicken, ginger and red curry, and fresh veggies.

Fun Facts

- Groundnuts (more commonly known as peanuts) are not native to Africa. They were brought to the continent from South America by Spanish and Portuguese colonists.

- The African Peanut Soup can be found in many different regions in Africa, with each one putting their own variation and twist on the classic dish (not unlike what we have done at Cafe Zupas!).

- Because the American holiday Kwanzaa began as a way to celebrate African-American heritage, groundnut stew often appears as an integral dish of the celebration feast.

Our African Chicken and Peanut soup is available now until October 5th- so go snag yourself a bowl today!

Instagram and Win!

Take an Instagram photo of this tasty soup, or of the World Tour poster in one of our restaurants, and you could win one a two $25 gift cards! See our Contest Page for more information.

fyi: the wedge salad

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wedgesaladThe wedge salad is such a classic, and a crowd pleaser.  I made up a tray of mini wedge salads for a potluck the other day, and they were a lot of fun!

The wedge salad doesn’t take a lot to make, you just need a these key ingredients:

Iceberg lettuce cut in wedges
Fresh tomatoes
Blue Cheese or Gorgonzola
Chopped hard boiled eggs
Chopped red onions
Ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing

And, there you have it!  A classic wedge salad for all!


FIY: pears

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pearsPears are such an amazing fruit, and if you are lucky they are in season in some parts of the country.

The great thing about pears is that they so tasty fresh or baked!

Here’s a few fun facts about pears:

  • Pears are best picked when they are still firm, when the ripen on the tree they can become a little grainy so they are best ripen on the countertop or in a brown paper bag.
  • The most popular varieties of pears are- The Bartlett Pear- This is one of the most popular buttery yellow variety and is delicious when eaten raw, but falls apart when being cooked. The Bosc Pear- Has a thick brown shiny skin with a nice crisp flesh that makes for an elegant dessert or baking pear. The Green Anjou Pear- This pear has a hint of citrus which makes this pear a great salad topper, or nice on your morning oatmeal.
  • To see if they are ripe, gently press your thumb near the stems, when they are slightly soft, they are ripe!


Here are a few of my favorite pear recipes:

Café Zupas New Mediterranean Turkey Sandwich

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As part of our new Summer Superfood Specials promotion, Café Zupas has released three brand new menu items, created with freshness and health in mind!


Our Mediterranean Turkey Sandwich is full of fresh cucumbers, spinach, sprouts, and hearty sliced turkey meat. Throw in our house made humus and honey-lemon Greek yogurt, and you’ve got a sandwich that will fill you full of delicious flavor, nutrients, and energy for all your summer adventures! Did we mention that it’s really delicious?

To give you a closer look at this tasty sandwich, we are going to break down its key ingredients for you!

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Introducing Cafe Zupas New Summer Superfood Specials!

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The Spring World Tour was a blast! We’re already anticipating the return of some of our (and your) favorite soups! Lucky for all of us the Fall World Tour will start up in the USA with our fan favorite Garden Chowder on September 9th!

Summertime means picnics, swimming, camping, outdoor activities, and warm weather- and we have created three brand new menu items that compliment active, health-conscious summer living! Introducing… Cafe Zupas Summer Superfood Specials!


Our new Summer Superfood Specials are health conscious, nutrient rich, and pack a punch when it comes to flavor and goodness!
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