03 Feb Water That Tastes Good

At Café Zupas, nutritious and healthful options command our full attention. We aim to craft and provide menu items that contribute to a balanced diet and lifestyle. We also love soda and juice – we even bought a soda machine for our corporate office, so no judgment here – but recognize how important balance and moderation are. Just as we strive...

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31 Mar World Tour: New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili | Cafe Zupas

In some states, you’ll find a state-wide recognized flower. Other states have an official bird. In New Mexico, they have an official question: “Red or green?” The latest Cafe Zupas World Tour stop is the New Mexico Southwest Potato & Chili, and we take it as seriously as they do. New Mexico’s culinary heritage is rich in cuisine inspired by the...

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31 Mar 5 Fun Facts About Coriander

It’s true: we love Coriander. Its mellow, soft flavor has notes of citrus that have us singing whenever we eat the Yucatan Chicken Tortilla Soup. Here are some other fun facts about Coriander you probably didn’t know.  1. It may be the world’s oldest spice. It dates back to Greece since at least the second millennium BC (however we don’t recommend you let...

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Cafe Zupas World Tour Irish Stew

14 Mar World Tour: Irish Stew | Cafe Zupas

For our next stop on the Cafe Zupas World Tour, we’re heading to a place of mythical tradition, where you’ll enjoy a soup as steeped in tradition as the country’s lore. We’ve got the Irish Stew, and just in time for St. Patty’s Day. Little green men and gold aside, Irish cuisine rests upon one little root: the potato. Although it...

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Cafe Zupas World Tour Thai Lobster Curry

03 Mar World Tour: Thai Lobster Curry | Cafe Zupas

Some Cafe Zupas World Tour soups are new adventures as we research and develop in our test kitchen, and explore new exotic combinations for you to enjoy. Others are old favorites, and the Thai Lobster Curry is one of those beloved menu items. It used to be a regular on the menu, so we’ll call this our World Tour Throwback...

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Cafe Zupas World Tour Hungarian Beef Stew

15 Feb World Tour: Hungarian Beef Stew | Cafe Zupas

These brisk February days can be a bit tough. While we sometimes long for lighter, warmer days, our next Café Zupas World Tour stop eases the wind chill as we head to Europe with the Hungarian Beef Stew. When you cook a traditional Hungarian dish, you need to be sure you include hearty meats, fresh dairy, and spicy paprika. Lots of...

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Cafe Zupas World Tour French Onion Soup

01 Feb World Tour: French Onion | Cafe Zupas

Few international dishes command the prestige that French Onion Soup has achieved. It's a big reputation to live up to, and the next stop on the Cafe Zupas World Tour is this renowned favorite. Many great French dishes aren’t actually French in origin, and “soup à l’oignon” is no exception. Onions grow easily in many types of soil, are quite plentiful,...

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25 Jan Cafe Zupas World Tour: Seattle Salmon Chowder

For the next Café Zupas World Tour soup, we are headed to a comfort food perfect for winter. The word chowder has roots in the Latin word caldera which originally meant “a place for warming things.” We’d like to think this Café Zupas Seattle Salmon Chowder will keep you warm all day long. Chowder’s roots originate in France, and was later...

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11 Jan Cafe Zupas World Tour: Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

“For every stove in Louisiana, there’s a different gumbo recipe.” For our first Café Zupas World Tour soup of 2016, we’re going down south with the dish that is actually known as the official cuisine of Louisiana. It’s easily the most famous dish from the state, and certainly the most popular, too, with origins that date back to the 18th century...

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