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Our employees are the heart of Cafe Zupas, and the service they provide our guests is a significant reason we’ve doubled in size in only three years. If you want a fantastic culture, growth opportunity, and competitive benefits, then we want you. Scroll below to see how your career can grow at Cafe Zupas. Find the perfect fit? Begin your online interview now!




Our team members create memorable experiences for our guests, and from your very first day you’ll be given the tools you need to succeed. The training is extensive, and you’ll be empowered to improve and grow quickly with us. The perks of the job? It’s fun, fast-paced and flexible, with great benefits. Oh, and you’ll never work on a Sunday – seriously!



Line Server & Door Greeter

You’ll enjoy your job so much, it won’t feel like work. We’re looking for people who are friendly, courteous, and personable, and who are passionate about making and serving food that is House-Made fresh in our kitchen.


Shift Leader

This elevated position works hand in hand with the Operating Partner to ensure things run smoothly. You’ll also help other team members achieve their training goals. We love training future leaders, and this the perfect opportunity to gain leadership skills as we continue to grow quickly.


Catering Coordinator & Driver

Our coordinators oversee the entire catering service for the store. It’s a big job, and an exciting one, too. Mornings are busy as you assist with orders and consult with your clients over the phone. You schedule, organize, and supervise all deliveries and pick-up orders, ensuring that our House-Made fresh food is put together accurately for each individual order. After the deliveries are out, you’ll get to spend time building relationships with current and future catering customers.


Kitchen Staff

House-Made food takes time and care, and our kitchen staff is a critical ingredient. You’ll make soups every day from scratch, prepare fresh produce for the line, and wash dishes. Day shifts and Saturdays are mandatory, and you’ll never work on a Sunday. Kitchen experience preferred, but not mandatory.

We participate in E-Verify and we are an EEO employer 




We offer a 12-week internship for college students between their Junior and Senior years and is designed to illustrate life as a manager in our restaurant. You’ll put your education into practice while continually learning and growing daily as you work with talented managers, trainers, and coaches.


High performers are offered a Manager In Training position upon their graduation. You’ll get to go back to your senior year knowing you’ve got a fantastic job opportunity secured! To apply,  CLICK HERE and choose the Intern option at your desired location.


We are growing quickly – extremely quickly. In fact, we’ve doubled in size in only three years, and we need the best leaders and talent to help us continue to grow. You must have a passion for food, and a passion for creating exceptional experiences for guests every day. You’ll run the day-to-day operations by being a teacher, a coach, and a cheerleader for your team. Strong leadership skills are critical to your success. Come join us – working at Cafe Zupas is exciting, and you’ll have incredible opportunity.



1. Growth Opportunity:
We have a plan to grow our units 30% each year for the next ten years, or in other words, we’re growing extremely quickly, and into exciting new markets. Come be a part of it!


2. Work/Life Balance:
Our MITs and GMs work a set schedule – seriously! You’ll have your schedule months in advance, and will always have two days completely off each week. Cafe Zupas is closed Sundays to ensure our staff has time to spend with family and friends. You won’t find this anywhere else!


3. Vision:
In 2004 two ambitious professionals traveled the world for work, and ate some amazing food along the way. When not traveling, they had such limited options for food that was quick, good, and nutritious. Where most just lamented limited choices, these two saw opportunity. They knew nothing about the food industry, but they knew what great food coming from a world-renowned kitchen tastes like, and Cafe Zupas was born.


4. Love What You Do!
You’ve probably had enough jobs to know that work often feels like work. This isn’t one of those jobs. Things are busy, fast, and sometimes feel like controlled chaos, but it’s all done with a smile and the highest level of service to customers. We hire talent, not just for skill, but for personality, too. You’ll look forward to going to work because you’ll be among friends.



1. 2-5 years of leadership experience in restaurant or retail OR a Bachelors degree.
2. Training experience
3. Availability to work a full time schedule.



We participate in E-Verify and we are an EEO employer