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recipe: chocolate ice cream sandwiches

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I had a picnic the other day with a few new friends and since one of them is making the transition to a gluten free/vegan lifestyle I decided to make a little something special for her. I may make them again for a celiac neighbor who just had a baby (and of course there will be a couple left over), heaven knows you need a little pick me up the days following delivery. But then again another one of these would pick me up no matter what kind of day I was having. If you’re neither living the gluten free or vegan lifestyle, please don’t feel like you should pass these up.  They will make any, and i literally mean any person you give one to a happy ice cream cookie eating camper. guaranteed. Continue reading “recipe: chocolate ice cream sandwiches” »

recipe: gluten free chocolate applesauce cakies

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Last year my sister in-law gave me a small library of old Martha Stewart books and since then I have tabbed a number of recipes, as well as craft and organization ideas. One recipe I had to try before apple season was over was her cider glaze, apple chips and crystallized ginger recipe. Since I’ve temporarily changed my diet I couldn’t make the accompanying cake, but with some inspiration from a gluten free cookbook I made little cupcakes to accompany the glaze and apple chips patterned after the Martha original. These cakes are deliciously moist, and not too sweet like some cupcakes can be. They are perfect paired with the sweet cider glaze and are so cozy and full of holiday flavors – seriously; the glaze is good. Go make it, before fresh apple cider is gone for the year. Pick up a jug from a local orchard on your way home today, even if it’s just to sip. Continue reading “recipe: gluten free chocolate applesauce cakies” »