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Café Zupas World Tours: Next Stop!

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Ever since we began our Café Zupas World Tours, featuring special soups sampled from diverse corners of the world, it’s been a hit with our Café Zupas fans. With a Spring and Fall tour each year, our soup lovers get the opportunity to “travel” with us right throughout the year, earning some neat freebies and awesome prizes along the way.

Looking Back

In the past year, we’ve had quite some delectable journeys. Some of the tour stops we’ve made has brought you a little of Africa with the African Chicken & Peanuts soup, a taste of New Mexico with the White Bean & Chicken Chili soup, a sip of Switzerland with our Swiss Onion soup and a whiff of the Caribbean with our Pumpkin & Coconut Soup.

Rest assured, our chefs are hard at work in the kitchen before unveiling each soup, like mad wizards in a laboratory, working to get just the perfect balance of flavor and texture.

Current 2013 Spring World Tour

We’ve just kicked off our Spring Tour on January 21! We spent two weeks at our Texas ‘stop’ gleefully dishing out our Three-Bean Beef Chili, then France with the delectable French Onion soup, and we are already vacationing at our third destination this spring: Eastern Europe, Hungary to be exact, with our scrumptious Beef & Mushroom Goulash recipe!   Our next stop? Ireland! And in the weeks ahead, you’ll also get to sample a bit of Indian, Seattle, and New England soups before our Spring Tour ends in May.

Get Involved!

Be sure to come to any Café Zupas location to get your serving! Don’t miss out on these great soups plus a chance to win some really great opportunities. When you bring your Café Zupas passport in to try each soup in our tour series, you get a stamp. When you’ve collected all the stamps for each soup, bring in your passport to 1) get coupons 2) join a contest for a grand prize (in the past, winners have received trips to New York and to the Caribbean on a cruise!)

Towards the end of our tour, you can also vote to bring back your favorite soup, which will be featured again at the end of the tour.

Want to share some of our awesome soups with family and friends? Thinking about hiring a catering service? Call one of our Catering Coordinators at any of our locations most convenient to you! We offer Farmington catering, Provo catering, Phoenix catering, Layton catering – we offer catering at all of our 17 locations throughout Utah and Arizona. Check our website to get numbers for each individual location. Have a wonderful Café Zupas day!

test kitchen: caribbean black bean & pumpkin

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Our creativity was put to the test with our newest featured recipe.  One taste of our Caribbean Pumpkin & Coconut soup and you’ll anxiously be waiting to finish off the entire bowl. This unique and inventive combination was an effort to recreate a soup we had in the Caribbean. It took a few different methods, adding & subtracting ingredients and perfecting the spice combination, but eventually we got it just right. Don’t miss your chance to have this delicious soup that we can guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

test kitchen: african chicken & peanut

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This unique recipe exceeded our expectations in the test kitchen. Our African Chicken & Peanut soup is made up of a rich peanut base, hearty potatoes and is balanced by the perfect amount of heat. You won’t find another creation out there like this. It took several different tests to get the creaminess and consistency just right.  A good amount of fresh ginger is added for a refreshing touch.  The recipe combination comes together beautifully and is a contender for our top 10 list.

Now serving at all of our locations. Bon Apetit!

test kitchen: spring asparagus

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Because we have an active test kitchen at Cafe Zupas we are able to implement seasonal ingredients into our featured recipes. Our new Spring Asparagus soup went through several revisions until we got it just right. We complimented the fresh flavor of the asparagus with a creamy texture and a variety of spring herbs. A classic mirepoix of carrots, onions, and celery creates the perfect flavor foundation for the soup. The addition of the asparagus and herbs truly makes this recipe outstanding. Celebrate Spring with a bowl of our new Spring Asparagus soup!

test kitchen: roasted red pepper with lobster

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Our new Roasted Red Pepper with Lobster recipe has been hanging our test kitchen for a while now.  We’ve served an excellent Roasted Red Pepper recipe in the past, but we knew that we could make it better…and that is exactly what we did.  We took an existing recipe that was good, and made it great.  We focused on implementing a creamy consistency paired with the rich flavor of lobster.  We were surprised that a few small changes could make such a big difference.  Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of our new Roasted Red Pepper with Lobster soup serving at all of our locations starting today through May 8th.

test kitchen: mulligatawny

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It’s rare to find a Mulligatawny recipe at a local restaurant…we did our best to bring you India in a bowl and we think you will be pleasantly surprised. This recipe exceeded our expectations in so many ways. From the spice combination to the silky consistency and texture, this soup is an experience all wrapped up into one bowl of soup.  You can find this featured recipe at any of our locations until April 23rd.

test kitchen: salmon chowder

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Our Salmon Chowder has been a hit in the test kitchen since its creation. Zupas employees love this recipe and have claimed it as one of their favorites.  We’ve spent months perfecting just the right spice combination and creamy consistency. This time around we tried 6 different types of salmon to find the perfect option to compliment this unique chowder.

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test kitchen: white bean & chicken chili

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Our new White Bean & Chicken Chili isn’t all that new…we’ve just brought it back! This recipe first debuted on our original menu and was just as good back then as it is now. As we ride out the cold winter months we thought this recipe would be perfect to feature. It’s an innovative twist on a classic chili recipe that incorporates green chiles, cumin, white beans and chicken. This hearty meal is topped off perfectly with cheddar cheese and a dallop of sour cream to compliment the heat from the spices perfectly. We’re serving this delicious recipe at all of our locations now through March 27th.

test kitchen: irish stew

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We enjoy the opportunities we have to create recipes that coincide with a holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day is known for wearing green, pinching and our favorite…Irish Stew. We worked on getting the ratio of potatoes, cabbage and vegetables just right to create this hearty recipe.  It was important to us to implement as much authenticity in this classic Irish dish as possible.  After a good amount of research (and taste testing) we came up with a Zupas version that is sure to please.  Celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day with a bowl of our new Irish Stew.