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Join us every spring and fall as we explore the flavors of the world with our World Tour of soup. See which flavors we have discovered and brought to you.  Also, a sneak peak of what tastes await you.

Café Zupas World Tour Fall 2014: Swiss Onion Soup

We’re moving full steam ahead on our World Tour for 2014! Next up is our spectacular Swiss Onion soup. We’ve been blessed with a fairly warm October, but it won’t stay that way for long. The temperatures are starting to come down, especially after the sun sets, so now is the perfect time to warm your soul with our featured soups. Starting November 3rd, we will be presenting our Swiss Onion soup. Our cooks have been hard at work to perfect this now famous recipe. In creating this little gem, we knew we had to get the consistency just right. We spent days working on the perfect creamy consistency that you can now enjoy. Once we mastered the creamy base, we added the perfect blend of spices to really bring out that Swiss flavor. Even better, this is a soup that all can enjoy, including our vegetarian customers.   Swiss Onion Soup The real stars of our Swiss Onion are our flavorful, yet mild, onions and loads of cheese. The mild Jarlsberg cheese, cultivated in Norway, adds a buttery and nutty flavor with just a touch of sweetness. So come in out of the cold and warm yourself up in the absolute best way….with our Swiss Onion soup!      


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